Raise Your Mug of Space-Age Coffee…

So, I returned from Christmas holidays to find a brand new coffee machine in the break room at work. (When I say “brand new,” I mean new to the office. I think it was actually built out of a rejected prop from Star Trek.) The first thing I noticed was how tidily it took up only fourteen square feet of countertop space. Then, I saw the nine-page booklet attached to the front of the device explaining all of the varieties of caffeinated goodness it was capable of expelling.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” I said. (Actually, I thought it silently to myself. I try not to talk to myself so close to the executive offices.) After progressing through no less than five menu screens to select my beverage options (and I’m not talking about some sort of fancy frothaccino or molten mochasspresso—just a regular, ordinary coffee), I got to watch (get this) a progress bar that told me exactly how much of my beverage had beamed down from the mothership. Many toe-tapping seconds later, as I was adding milk and sugar (that’s right, the most common coffee additives were not two of the aforementioned options), I began to debunk my “rejected prop” theory and wondered if, in fact, Deep Blue had a new day job.

Ah, vacations. They’re always over too fast. Here’s to a fantastic 2011!

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