New Hundred-Word Stories in December

I noticed today that my Facebook page is up to 26 likes, six of which are from people I’m not friends with on Facebook! It’s exciting to know that people—even people I don’t know—actually enjoy reading the output of my inner thought life.

Speaking of things coming out of my head, I experienced the joy of having a wisdom tooth extracted last Thursday. Now that the mental fog of exhaustion and pain meds is beginning to clear, I’m working on some new hundred-word stories that I’m hoping to release in early December. Hopefully, final revisions to my fantasy/romance novella will be back on track soon.


Did I scare you? No? Didn’t think so. But maybe this story will…



Sorry about that. Had some candy apple stuck in my esophagus.

Except…I didn’t eat any candy apple…


Okay, before goblins make off with my fingers or something, I want to express my appreciation for the response and feedback to my previous hundred-word story. 43 page views and 16 Facebook tags in 72 hours is very encouraging. I’m glad it gave some of you a laugh, and even some fodder for thought. Even if that thought happened to be, “Whoever wrote this has serious problems.”

New Site, New Direction

Few things motivate a guy to update his website like watching it get eaten alive by spam-spewing malware.

It, um…happened to a friend of mine.

Anyway, welcome to the new New design, new content and less clutter. Unless you consider my writing to be clutter. In which case, welcome to clutter central!

With this new incarnation, I intend to focus less on articles and blogging (or perhaps the same amount, considering how little of it I actually did before) and more on storytelling and the actual process of writing. On that note, I’m trying out a new literary format: 100-word stories. Inspired by other forms of bite-sized storytelling like five-second films and the classic four-frame comic strip, I’ve challenged myself to attempt to tell compelling stories using no more than 100 words. And it certainly is a challenge. Am I succeeding? I’d love to hear your thoughts when you’re done reading my first two entries, Pride and Progress and Circles.

I’ll still write articles and blog posts as the whim strikes me (you can find some of my more popular work from the old site here and here). I’ll also post updates about the books I’m working on. (Current status: They really do exist. No, seriously, guys.)